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Spring 2020 brought an unprecedented situation for everyone - a worldwide pandemic. Over of the course of 1 week in March, we were pretty much out of business and quarantined at home. So, after a couple of weeks of getting used to life in a pandemic, we decided to set up a photo booth in our dining room and do a daily photo booth session. We started on April 4 2020 (Day 17 of our quarantine) and our last session was on June 4 2020, our first photo booth event after our quarantine was over.

Some days we had to dig deep for inspiration, but overall it was a lot of fun and we got to stretch our boundaries in ways we never could with regular photo booth bookings. On Day 66 we shot our first event in over 2 months, a small wedding ceremony. Our family and friends were having so much fun seeing our daily photos that we decided to keep going it until we actually had to pack up the booth for an event, which was 12 days later (thus the change from our title "Quarantine 2020" to "The New Normal 2020").

We shared our daily photos on Facebook and Instagram, but wanted to share it here as well. We got to create some very unique templates and figure out how to make some technically difficult photo concepts work, and we had fun doing it! We hope you enjoy looking through our photos and find some inspiration in our Quarantine Booth Project.